How to bake chicken

There are numerous problems that could possibly fail any time you can prepare chicken, learning to get it done accurately will probably serve you and stop the meat from being dry and even distasteful. Baking chicken properly makes them not just moist and tender but also delicious!

You can cook as many breasts inside the oven as you have that you could store them within the fridge for a fast treat or maybe later on warm them for a hot supper, they are full of healthy proteins and are also pretty nutritious, they go great together with a salad and you’ll be able to add a wide variety of flavours to them.

Upon having learned the basic fundamentals how to bake chicken breasts you will be able to add almost any spices or other flavours to them, Finally, the breasts will be tasty.

Now we will focus on the basic fundamentals:

When shopping for the actual breasts you must see handful of things. Firstly make sure you buy fresh, purchase meat from you local butcher. Plus be sure the breasts are even in size, in any other case they can cook inconsistently. Another problem as I constantly note within my writing is to attempt to consume solely natural and organic meat that is better for you and decreases from the suffer of conventional fowl,

Alright, right now let’s begin the actual preparation:

Rinse the actual chicken breasts effectively and eliminate extra skin, extra fat, meat. Try to cut the chicken breasts in two so you will have two sizeable portions. The breasts really should be even and uniform.

If you ever asked yourself how to bake chicken breast and keep them moist and tender you should marinade them. Take 8 glasses of standard water and blend with a third cup of salt and also a third cup of sugar, finally add Only two table spoons of white vinegar and blend all the things until the dissolve in the water, this amazing marinade will work for 6 whole breasts (12 halves), adjust the components appropriately to the amount you will be cooking.

fast food chicken

An Overview of Best fast food chicken

Many people often have problems whenever they are choosing the best fast food chicken due to inadequate facts on nutrition that should guide them through the process. Here are some of the tips when choosing the best fast food chicken:

First, you need to understand its nutritional value when making your choice on the fast food chicken that you would like to choose. Most people often make wrong choices due to lack of information that they need to know about the nutritional value of the component that they need to eat. In addition, you need to make sure that you do your research online on the nutritional value before you can make your choice on what you would like to do when making your choice. This should give you an opportunity to look for ways of improving your health amazingly.

For those people who may lack the information that will assist them make the best choice when looking for the best option, they need to make sure that they look for help from a nutritionist who will help them with the nutritional facts that should assist them make the best choice. However, you need also to make sure that you choose those with nutritionists with experience who will help you make the best choice when looking for the best ways to make that informed decision.

What are some of the Best fast food chicken?

The following are some of the food to try:

1. Grilled Chicken Sandwich & Fruit Cup (Chick-fil-A)

2. Grilled Chicken Breast with the Mashed Potatoes

3. Chick-n-Minis Breakfast (Chick-Fil-A)

4. Chicken Teriyaki Bowl (Jack in the Box)

5. Chargrilled Chicken & Cool Wrap (Chick-fil-A)

6. Veggie Burger & Garden Salad (Burger King)

7. Chicken Fresco Burrito Supreme & Pintos

In conclusion, the above facts about the fast food chicken should help you make the best choice when improving your health through healthy eating.


grilled chicken

8 Steps to a grilled chicken

Ever grilled a chicken? We have. Like a burger or ribs, there’s a method to grilling chicken to assure it comes out right. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Get some good chicken meat. We suggest something local, but anything that’s not old, water, or moldy will do. But go for quality, they will taste better but cost a little bit more.
  2. Fire up the grill. You should have 2 areas on your grill – 1 for direct heat and another for indirect heat. Direct is for smaller chunks of meat and indirect is for a whole chicken.
  3. Ditch the recipe. You don’t need it. Chicken grilled to perfection is easy and simple. To get the most moist and flavorful meat, keep the skin on and bone in. Small pieces cook quickly, be ready to take them off the grill.Get some lemons and oranges – as it cooks, squeeze these over it. It doesn’t have to be lemon and orange, any citrus will do. This keeps the skin moist and prevents chicken fires.
  4. If you do want a recipe, try some of these
    • Rub – 4tbsp salt, 3tbsp brown sugar, 2 tbsp paprika, 1tbsp cayenne pepper
    • Sauces – try different things. We like making sauces with garlic, salsa, and spicy stuff. Or, just grab a BBQ sauce from the store.
    • Brine
    • Beer – enough said
  5. If cooking a whole chicken, cut in half and butterfly it. Place on the grill bones down.
  6. Check the temperature using a thermometer. Don’t cut it open to check. it’s done at 165 degrees.
  7. If the skin is sticking to the grill, it’s most likely not ready. This is assuming you have a clean grill that was oiled. If it sticks and you don’t have a thermometer, let it sit another minute and try it again.
  8. Once off the grill, let it site for 5 to tens minutes. This will keep it juicy.

Types of chicken

There are several types of chickens from which one can choose from. Each chicken has its area of excellence due to their genetics and/or breeding. Here are some of the most popular chickens you can easily find.

Rhode Island Red

This rust feathered chicken breed is one of the most popular types chosen for egg laying purposes. It is also a dual purpose chicken as it can also provide meat. It does very well in both. Compared to other breeds, these chickens do not achieve a great weight, and is known for its superior egg laying ability.

The Leghorn chicken breed

Just like the Rhode Island Red, this breed is also one of the best choices for egg laying purposes. It is originally from Italy and has one of the best rates of lay out. This is mainly because of specialized breeding. These chickens may be more noisy and flighty compared to other breeds.


Unlike other types of chickens, this American breed is bearded and muffed, with black legs or full tails and slate. It is easily recognized due to its fluffy feathers around the head. There are several colors of this chicken including black, blue wheaten, blue, buff, brown red and silver. Ameracaunas are popularly known for raising blue eggs.

The Jersey Giant

As the name suggests, this is an American breed chicken. The Jersey Giant can achieve an astounding weight of up to 13 pounds. It is a very popular backyard breed for people who want to raise chickens for meat purposes. This breed also has several varieties, all reaching the same size. Normally, they are ready for the intended use as early as six weeks.

Aracauna Chicken breeds

Aracauna is one of the most unique and rarest breeds of chickens that lay colored eggs, and have unusual feather tufts around the ears and have no tails. The most common colors of this breed include lavender, black/red, blue, golden duckwing, Pyle, black, white and blue/red, among several others.

An ancient of Chile, the ancestors of the modern breed of this chicken were kept by indigenous Araucanians in India. It can be found in medium to large size. The chicken is reliable for egg laying purposes.


Choosing the right chicken can be a difficult task, especially if you have no specific purpose. The above breeds are just but a few choices from several others, but whichever breed of chicken you choose, you will realize that each has its own unique characteristics to add to a personality of the intended use.

tea eggs

Ways to make eggs

Egg is a famous product for most people these days. This product is very popular because it has a lot of useful nutrients, including protein, healthy fat, vitamins, minerals, and some other important ingredients. Here are several ways to make eggs. You can try some of these methods to consume eggs in your daily life. 

1. Hard boiled eggs

hard boiled eggs

This method is very simple for most people. You can simply place eggs in the pot with water. You should cover the eggs with water. Bring the water to boil and cover the pot for a few minutes. Then, you can simply place the eggs in a bowl of cold water. 

2. Scrambled eggs

scrambled eggs

This meal can be a great option for breakfast. Many people want to prepare this meal because it is very simple to make. You can crack several eggs to the mixing bowl. Make sure that you scramble them together with a fork. You can add milk to the mixture while whisking the eggs. Pour the solution to the pan and cook it for about a minute. 

3. Sunny side-up

sunny-side-up eggs

Some people want to consume sunny side-up eggs for their meals. It is one of the most popular ways to cook eggs. You should crack the egg to the frying pan very carefully. Make sure that the yolk is still intact. You can cook the egg until the egg white is set completely. The yolk should be still runny. The cooking time is about 3 minutes or less. 

4. Baked eggs

baked eggs

This is another popular way to cook eggs. It is very easy to make baked eggs quickly. You can crack the eggs to the dinner rolls. These rolls should be baked in the oven for a while. You should bake the eggs until they are set completely. The bread should be toasted perfectly before you can take them from the oven.

5. Tea eggs

tea eggs

This is a traditional Chinese snack that is very popular in China today. Many Chinese people are interested with these tea eggs because of their tasty flavors. The cooking process is pretty similar with the hard boiled eggs. After the eggs are cooked completely, you can cracked the eggs. These cracked eggs are steeped in the spiced tea solution. 

They are some common ways to make eggs. You can choose the best method that is suitable for your needs. It is recommended that you keep changing your cooking methods, so you can get delicious eggs in everyday. Eggs are very delicious when they are cooked properly.

egg raw or hardboiled

Is that egg raw or cooked?

How to Tell If Eggs Are Raw or Hard Boiled

Method 1

  1. Place the egg on its side on a smooth, flat, hard surface. This can be a counter, cutting board, or the floor.
  2. Put the egg in between your thumb and some fingers and spin the egg.
  3. spin-egg-raw-hardboiled
    Next, stop the rotation of the egg by placing your finger tip (not too hard) directly down on the spinning egg’s center.
  4. Once the egg has stopped spinning, remove your finger immediately.
    • If the egg remains still, it is a hard boiled egg.
    • If the egg continues to slowly rotate, the egg is raw. This is the inside of the egg still moving even though the outside shell has stopped spinning.

Method 2

  1. Put your thumb on one end of the egg and your middle finger on the other end.
  2. Spin the egg using the same movement you would do to snap your fingers.
    • If the egg spins fast, then the egg has been hard boiled.
    • If, however, it spins very slowly (or is difficult to spin at all), it’s raw.

Method 3

  1. Simply, shake the egg. If it’s raw, you will feel the movement of the liquid inside. If it’s boiled, there should be no movement because it’s solid and hard.

Method 4

  1. Get a bowl and fill it with very hot tap water.
  2. Place the egg in the water.
    • If there is a tiny stream or streams of air bubble coming, it’s raw. Remove the egg quickly, unless you plan to boil them.

Method 5 – Soft Boiled vs Hard Boiled

  1. After boiling an egg, take the it out of the boiling water with a spoon. Hold the spoon away from the pot and count how many seconds the wet egg takes to dry. A soft-boiled egg will dry in about 18-20 seconds. A hard boiled egg will dry in about 8-10 seconds.

Method 6

  1. Crack it open and find out :)